Principal's Desk
Rajeev Gandhi Govt. P.G. College Ambikapur, Surguja (C.G.) is an institute of excellence  committed since its establishment in 1960  to the all round development of students particularly the deprived sections of society and to help then imbibe the highest values of human civilization, inspiring then to become worthy citizens of India of future.

All great ideas begin with a commitment to shape the future of the nation. A student must have a quest for excellence in the field of education Rajeev Gandhi Govt. P.G. College Ambikapur, Surguja (C.G.) is making rapid progress in providing better resources required to impart the best all-round quality education laced with morality.The kind of education we impart to a student at Rajeev Gandhi Govt. P.G. College Ambikapur, Surguja (C.G.) lays the foundation of life and shapes its destiny. We intend to provide such education which would enable the students to keep pace with the times and make them realize their full potential to face whatever challenges come in their life. Our mission is to provide such education that supports and promotes employment generation but not at the cost of our value system. Our emphasis is on access, equity, excellence and relevance. Our endeavor is to provide fair opportunities to the deserving and ambitious students. Our efforts would be to provide fair opportunities to all the students from weaker sections of the society to acquire special and useful knowledge...

Dr. Rizwan Ullah
Government Rajeev Gandhi P.G. College, Ambikapur, Distt. - Surguja